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Experiencing water murky and dirty? Want to know how to cope with the yellow water, iron, or sandy? Well, here you will be given more information in the way of cleaning water from H2O-R. One indication of the good water became turbid caused by bacteria is the presence of moss growing around the walls of the well. Coping well water smells. Most of the reasons why you become a good water smelled as caused by bacteria that breed in the good water in your home. The bacteria make you become well water smelled and unfit for consumption, especially for drinking and preparing food. To overcome the problem of water wells that smell, you can use charcoal. Same way by overcoming the good water is murky at points described previously. Overcoming water wells yellowish.

Yellowish water wells are usually caused by the high iron content in the water. To overcome this you can add depth of the well in your home approximately 3-4 meters. Overcoming the good water containing peat. To overcome the good water is not clean and healthy due to their content of peat (lignin) were great in the water, you can use a mixture of Lignin Absorbent, Coagulant, and Flocculant. Enter the mixture in the water tank is filled with water wells and do not put in your good water. After a while peat (lignin) to the bottom water reservoir, and then download the clear water of the sediment lest fetched, then strain the water. Well, this way water containing peat (lignin) will be water and can be consumed. Overcoming salty well water.

For you to who reside in coastal areas, to get quality water sources clean and healthy seemed a little difficult because direct ground water has been contaminated with sea water so that the salt content is higher and not worthy of consumption. To cope with these high salt levels, as suggested wells on the good depth of approximately 100 meters. In this way water resources in the can would be nice but keep in mind that the source is obtained from a depth of 100 meters, the water will have its own color and temperature above – average of regular good water. To prove whether the way — way above 100% can solve your problem well water into clean water and healthy to eat, it’s good to test first in laboratories to get accurate results.