Millions of Dust Mites in Mattress Can Make Severe Pain

Small microorganisms that live in bedding left and dropping body parts that contribute to the cause colds, asthma, and hay fever. Meanwhile, the bacteria can also lead to food poisoning. Although already washed, the sheets can still be filled with harmful bacteria, such as norovirus and salmonella, which will not be lost simply by washing the sheets. Manure produced dust mites will cause allergic reactions. Thus, the body will produce histamine to confront the perceived threat. Previously, other studies reveal, dust mites cause up to 80 percent of all cases of asthma. Dust mites can cause rhinitis, cough, dry eyes. They can interfere with sleep. People with other allergies can make these symptoms can be worse. You must have asked how to get rid of bed bugs naturally?

If someone has a cold or influenza virus, dust mites live in linens and will not disappear with washing. It’s easy spreading the dust mites to linen. Someone poisoned by the Salmonella bacteria to excrete the bacteria into the bed. Moreover, each bed has an average of ten million dust mites in it. Organisms that flourish in warm, moist environments. The experts also said that the incidence of dust mites is also driven by a collection of human skin cells lining the bed. The researchers say, half an ounce of human spilled skin in a week, and much of it on the bed. Dust mites like damp places and warm. The bed is the perfect environment for it. They will reproduce, so there will be approximately 10 million dust mites per bed.

Often, people out of the house in the morning. They will close the window so the moisture stays in the house. The house is an isolated place so that it can build up moisture. When you’re making a bed, moisture will be trapped, it is the right time for dust mites. In two years, ten percent by weight of the pillow will consist of dust mites and their droppings, just because it looks clean and odorless, does not mean that the sheets were clean and hygienic. People think, put the soiled items into the washing machine will kill all the germs.

Bacterial and viral infections such as influenza and E. coli survive at low wash temperatures, so that the greater the risk of infection. For sheets and linen washed at low temperatures, we recommend using antibacterial laundry disinfectant. To stop the dust mites from colonies in bed, suction mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Wearing hard floors instead of carpet, means fewer mites survive. Open the windows and put out the humidity also can help.