Mistake that the Condom User Do

It is no longer a secret if there are many young couples doing free sex with their girlfriend. That is one reason that often makes someone get a harmful disease namely HIV. To avoid that thing to happen, we present star wars condoms. The design is unique and we aim to make young people want to use it, so they have a safe sex. There is a star wars character with a funny quote on the package.

However, sometimes in the usage, there still some people who did a mistake. Here are some mistakes in wearing a condom that people do:

1.Late in Using the Condom
Research show that between 17 to 51,1 percent of men using their condom after having sex. This surely will decrease the effectiveness of condom especially in its purpose to avoid “sexually transmitted diseases”

2.Taking off the Condom When Still Having Sex
A research finds out that between 13,6 to 44,7 percent from the volunteers which involved in research confess that they take off the condom before they finish having sex.

3.Upside Down Condom
Between 4 to 30,4 percent from the study participants reported wrong in using the condom, but then they turn it upside down again and keep using that condom.

4.Not Give a Space at the End of Condom

Report show there is 24,3 to 45,7 percent man that forgot to give space at the end of the condom as a place for the sperm.

That are some mistake that people do when they are using a condom. Now after you know it, you should be more careful in using it, do in a proper way to get the best benefit, the most effective useful of using a condom and also to get a safe sex with your partner. Keep your sex safe by using a condom!