Old self-help books and new age self-help books

We may know if the author of the book in the year 1700-1900 is the author of an outstanding and unbeaten until today. They have widely published books or literary novel that is very charming and inedible era. Most of the old books are in the museum or owned by a book collector. If we want to find good books, we do not need to look for a book published by the 17th century because we could get lot Recommended books from 1900 upwards. The books are self-help books that have useful content to readers. Generally, these books were written by a motivator or a psychologist so that their writing is genuine and based on science. We may often read books boring theory though based on a true story, but we will never get tired of reading self-help books because of the first page or the opener, we’ve been interested in the content. There are two types of self-help books that we can find in the market. The first is the old self-help books. Normally, old self-help books published in the early 19th century until the early 20th century Pioneers of the first self-help book is Dale Carnegie who wrote a book with the title ‘How to win friends and influence people’. This book influenced people around the world because Dale told the right way to communicate in an Environmental. Not only the neighborhood but also the environment we work so that we can get the comfort and great position in the office.

The second is a new age self-help books. This is a self-help book were published in the second generation of the early 20th century to the present. There is no specific difference between the old self-help books and New Age self-help books but if we read all the self-help books, we might find some differences. A more noticeable difference is in the focus of discussion and writer. If the old self-help books are written by people with the professional motivator, psychologist, or even businesses, new age self-help more written by people who work as a writer.