What to Know about Pizza

For those who have deeply fallen in love with the bread which is called as pizza, the information in this article might have been a common knowledge. Yet for those who still have not been familiar with this type of food, it can be very useful in getting to know more about the food. So, let us start this little discussion about what we should know about pizza.

If you just love pizza, would know their origins. Pizza originally comes from Italy. The word pizza was also taken from the Italian language, namely pizza which means pies, cakes, tarts. Italian pizza is usually 30 cm in diameter, yet there are some which are even more than that.
Pizza is a type of bread round, flat baking in the oven and usually smothered in tomato sauce and cheese with other food additives that can be selected. Cheese used are usually mozzarella or “pizza cheese”.

As for the place to eat this rounded bread, there have been a lot of restaurants specializing in serving the best pizzas, for example, the smoky mountain pizza. Other than pizza eaten in the restaurant, other pizzas can also be purchased in the wholesale market or supermarket. In many countries, the pizza can be ordered by phone and lately through the web to be delivered to homes while still hot and ready to be eaten.

Bread used to make Pizza is usually regular bread but it also could be added with butter, herbs, garlic and sesame for more essences. Pizza is usually eaten while hot, usually lunch and dinner, but if there are cooler can also be eaten, usually at breakfast or on a picnic.

Other foods can also be put on a pizza like ham, bacon, pepperoni, and salami. Other than that fruits such as olives and pineapples or vegetables like chilies and paprika, as well as onions, mushrooms, and others, can also be some of the toppings on the pizza.