The most durable and 100% waterproof dog bark collar

If you buy a cheap dog bark collar for your dog, then don’t expect it to give you the best performances. The collar might be malfunctioned sometimes. It won’t last long, and it can electrocute your dog when it gets in contact with the water as well. Losing your beloved dog due to a cheap collar is not worth it, and you will regret it for the rest of your life. That’s the main reason of why we want to recommend you the most durable and 100% waterproof dog bark collar, the YS-600 Dogtra.

It’s fully waterproof, even more, waterproof than its older version, the YS-500. If your dog loves to swim, then let it swim. It’s because of Dogtra bark collar won’t be damaged by the hose water, rain water, and any other type of normal water. So you don’t have to be worried about your dog safety when it plays with some water. It’s also very durable, it’s made to last long and its battery has a long life. The battery is rechargeable and fully replaceable. You only need to charge it for 2 hours, and it will be charged completely. To conserve more battery life, it will put itself automatically into the sleep mode when your dog has stopped barking. When the time comes, you can replace the old one easily and change it with the new one with the same type.

The Dogtra bark collar isn’t just providing the users with the high stimulation levels for training their dog, it is also very safe as well. Its stimulation level is adjustable, and it even has the non-stimulation high vibration mode, if you want to train your dog with the more gentle way. The YS-600 Dogtra is obviously the best and the most reliable dog bark collar in the market. Buy one now in order to get a FREE grooming set to trim your dog hair, so your dog can get the optimal contact with the bark collar.