Health Impacts from Acupuncture Therapy

In every human body is believed there are more than 400 acupuncture points which when stimulated will respond to a specific organ or body part and cause a therapeutic effect. For example, there are 21 acupuncture points are believed to affect the spleen, 19 related to the small intestine, 67 points that affect the working of the bladder, and 9 points of acupuncture for the heart.

These points are targeted by the acupuncturist, including the acupuncturists from the acupuncture tucson az, for treatment session because of illness believed to be caused by the flow of the blood is obstructed. But it turns out the existence of acupuncture points is still controversial because there is no strong evidence of support. Here are some complaints that allegedly can be handled through acupuncture.

–    Therapy for Overcoming Obesity with a balanced exercise and diet

The combination of diet and exercise routines with the acupuncture therapy can help increase the effectiveness of the treatment for overcoming obesity. Stimulation of acupuncture needles are aimed at stimulating the production of certain hormones, lowers levels of the substance triggers hunger and appetite, and reduce the number of lipids or fats in the bloodstream. However, the effectiveness of acupuncture in dealing with excessive body weight will still need to be further investigated. Clearly, weight loss, acupuncture alone is not enough. However, a healthy diet and discipline to exercise regularly are required.

–    Therapy for Anti-aging

The acupuncture therapy is also rumoured to have a cosmetic function that can fight the aging process by helping the one performing the acupuncture in reducing spots and wrinkles on the face as well as lifting the eyelids which have started  to drop. This kind of acupuncture therapies is identified as the cosmetic acupuncture. However, the effectiveness of this acupuncture type has not been confirmed completely and still need to be examined further.